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Fuck it
I decided to make a website. Was researching the best advertising tools and one of the first thing that came up was a website. I'm skint, don't have much coding knowledge, so this is the best I can do.

You'll get every track that features me, videos with me in them, photos and all the info you need on my musical endeavors. If you need a big professional website to take me seriously, go kill yourself :)

I added my "Monk's Opinions" blog content on this, just so everything's together and I don't need to maintain 2 websites at the same time. Everything to do with my music and my writing is connected through this website.

If you need to get in touch, click the contact link at the top or here. If you want to collab, there's a section on the contact page to send the instrumental and concept you're using. Everything's much easier. If you'd prefer to be more personal about it, get me on twitter or facebook, both linked on the website as well.

Site's rather empty the now, but after I get more stuff released, it should get a lot better, until then deal with it lol
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