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Slightly lied a wee bit on the last update but it wasn't intentional. I genuinely didn't plan any more music this next year or 2, apart from a feature verse here and there. Turns out I will be making music, an EP at least.

After the EP's out, that will genuinely be it, unless I get a bunch of money I wasn't expecting, earlier than I'm expecting any money just now. So my guess is after this EP, I'll have an album like June 2015 with nothing in between.

I realise that's a HUGE amount of time for an independent artist but the time won't be due to me not working, it will be due to funds, which I have absolutely no control over. That's the only reason it'll take so long.

Now this EP. It wasn't a big serious project I've had in mind for months like Free Society was. It was (and I'm being completely straight up) a chance to record an EP for free, so I wrote one. Now, I did have the songs on the EP planned beforehand but they were just songs, there was no ... Read more »
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